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What are your run and condo sizes?

-Our small runs are 3ftX12ft, our larges are 4ftX16/18ft, and our cat condos are 4ftX2ft and 2ft tall.


What are your boarding and grooming prices?

-Our small starts prices at $25/night and our larges at $27. Our cat condos are $20. We do offer multiples discounts. As far as grooming, pricing depends on the size, breed, and conditions of your pets coat. We can give a rough estimate for grooming prices, but they will vary and are not set. Any pricing listed are starting prices.


Is your facility temp controlled?

-Yes, each building has and HVAC and heating system that we maintenance regularly.

Do you give tours?

-Yes. Tours are typically Wednesday after 4:00PM. Please call ahead of time to schedule an exact time. 

What do you provide during boarding?

- We will provide water and food bowls for your pets. While we do not have beds or cots, we do have mats and blankets of all sizes. We can also provide food at $1.00 per feeding. 


Do pets have access to outdoors?

-No, our kennel runs do not allow self-access to outdoors, but each pet and taken out to use the bathroom and exercise a least three times during the day. We may limit the length of outdoor time during warmer seasons to prevent heat stroke. 

Do you board or groom pets with aggression?

-We would assess the severity of your pets aggression to determine if they are eligible for boarding. Our first priority is safety and we will not board pets that could be harmful to themselves or others when handled. For grooming, the decisions is up to the stylist. They will asses your pets aggression to make a decision. Even if they start the groom, there is a chance that your pet would be sent home before finished if they deem the aggression to be too severe. We always recommend having a backup pickup person in the event that your pet is too aggressive to complete their stay. If they cannot be picked up and are not able to be handled during their stay, they may not get the chance to go outside regularly, but will will clean their run accordingly.

Do you board intact pets? Senior pets?

-Yes, we can still board your pet if they are intact. If you have multiple pets intact and any our in heat we may need to separate them to prevent accidents. We do also board senior pets and will make sure their stay is as comfortable as possible. 

Can I board my puppy? Do they need all vaccinations?

-We will board puppies that are at least 12 weeks. After 16 weeks your puppy will need to have ALL vaccinations required to board. 

Will my pets be boarded together?

-Yes! We will always board same family pets together unless specified otherwise by you or if there are any aggressions issues between pets in the same run. 

What if my pets need to be separated to be fed?

-All of our runs have a middle sliding door that we will close during feeding if your pets needs to be separated to be fed. 

How often are the kennels cleaned?

-During your pets stay, their run will be cleaned as much as needed. After a pets checks out, that run is cleaned and sanitized the same day.

What discounts do you offer?

-We currently offer senior and multiples discounts as well as weekly rates(needs to be mentioned to receptionist during pickup to be redeemed).

How do you handle poor weather conditions during boarding?

-In the summer months we limit the amount of time outside to prevent dehydrations and heat stroke, but they will still get enough time to use the bathroom and stretch. If there is ever any type of severe weather warning we will always move all dogs to the front of their runs as the walls are reinforced for severe weather conditions. Cat condos will be moved to an empty block to ensure their safety. We will make sure they have adequate food and water and check on them in shifts. We will not take pets outside during severe storms or weather, but will clean their runs accordingly. We we also allow you to pick up or have your pet picked up early during severe weather warnings.


Do you have overnight staffing?

-We currently do not have any overnight staff, but can assure you that you pets are well taken care of always tended to fully before our day ends.


Vaccination requirements?

-For the safety of your and others pets we require Bordetella, Rabies and DHPP to all be up to date for dogs. Rabies and FVRCP for cats. There are no exceptions unless we receive a note from you vet. We require that all vaccination be sent to us no later that 24hrs before any service. We do not administer vaccinations at our location.


How much notice do I need to book?

-We prefer boarding reservations be made at least 72hrs in advance. We understand that emergencies can occur and we try our best, but may not always be able to accommodate late notice reservations. Also note that the online booking feature is a request for boarding and not confirmed unless you receive a confirmation email from us. Grooming appointments will always be subject to the groomers discretion and will need their approval for same day or walk in appointments.


What are you drop off and pickup times?

- Drop off and pick up times are always the same as our open office hours and change with holiday/modified hours.


Is there a fee for late pickup or drop off?

-We will give a 10-minute grace period for grooming appointments and after that your appointment will be canceled and/or rescheduled. Groomers keep a tight schedule and late drop offs put them behind. There will be a $10 addition for any afterhours pickups after the first 10 minutes and $10 for each 30 minutes after. The same fees apply for any afterhours pickups or drop offs for boarding.


Holiday hours or closing:

-All Holiday schedule changes will always be posted on our website, Google, and Facebook page.



-We always recommend that you bring your pets regular food with them, as sudden food changes tend to upset their stomachs. We can also feed them out house food for $1.00 per feeding per pet. We will feed your pets according to your instruction and we do have refrigeration for wet and raw foods. We also take pet food allergies very seriously go out of our way to make sure any pet with restrictions is being feed as instructed and monitored.



-Please be sure to notify us of ANY relevant conditions your pets have. We will administer medications, including insulin, at no extra coast, as instructed. Please note that we do not have overnight staffing.

Is there any paperwork needed or to fill out for services?

-We always ask that you make sure to send us vaccinations records before your pets stay or service. There is a grooming contract to fill out and sign for new clients. For boarding there is a need to know packet to fill out. This currently needs to be filled out for each stay. This packet is also located on the website, under the "Forms" tab to fill out beforehand for your convenience. 

What should we bring for boarding?

We recommend to bring their own food and to keep the amount of belongings lite. Beds, blankets and toys are all welcomed. We always warn that there may be a chance that your pet will chew their items due to nerves. We do not allow any cooked bones, small bones, raw hide or anything small enough that it could be choked on while not supervised.



-We currently do not have a daycare or socialization program, but would like to add these programs in our future. We do not board to walk pets together that are not from the same household. 


Do you allow Heartworm positive pets?

-We will not groom or board your pet if they are heartworm positive unless we receive a note clearing the service from their vet. Stressful situations increases the chance of worsening their symptoms and may even cause death, which we take very seriously.

What happens if there is an emergency, our pet is injured or sick while boarding or grooming?

-We take safety very seriously and in the event that your pet is injured or sick we will immediately call you. We will then ask if your would like us to take your pet to your preferred vet or whoever is nearest. We will make sure they are seen and taken care, keep you updated and then make an incident report for you to go over and sign at pickup. If you have a senior pet that happens to pass while staying we will always have them taken care of respectfully per your instructions, at our expense.


Jobs with BBB LLC:

-Any job openings will always be posted on our website or Facebook page.


Vaccination requirements

We require that all vaccinations be sent via email or fax at least 24 hours prior to your appointment or boarding stay with us. We will no longer being accepting vaccinations the day of appointments. If we do not receive vaccinations prior to your appointment, it may be canceled.

We require Rabies, Bordetella, DHPP for dogs and FVRCP and Rabies for cats. Rabies is required by SC law to always  be up to date. The ONLY exception is if your pet cannot receive a certain vaccination for medical reasons, which we need vet confirmation of. There is NO other exception.

If your pet is not up to date we WILL NOT provide services and your pet will not be boarded.


Vaccinations need to have been administered a full 24 hours before services or boarding to insure that they do not have a reaction to their vaccination.

We try our hardest to make sure to notify pet parents that vaccinations are due or expired but we also recommend that you always check them before any appointment or stay with us to be sure.

If your pet has been diagnosed with heartworms or going through heartworm treatments they cannot be groomed or boarded unless they have a vet clear them for the service. Boarding or grooming while your pet has heartworms can cause and create a stressful situation that increases the heart rate and can result in death. We take this very seriously and will not provided services until we have a vet clearing.

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