Full Bath

Includes a bath, nail trim, and ear cleaning, anal gland expression and brush out. Priced according to weight of pet. Pricing STARTS at $20.00 and may vary based on condition and state pets coat, skin, and any add-on's chosen.

0-20LBS: Small Short Hair: $20

Small Long Hair: $25

21-45LBS: Medium Short Hair: $30

Medium Long Hair: $35

46-65LBS: Large Short Hair: $40

Large Long Hair: $45

66-85LBS: XLarge Short Hair: $50

XLarge Long Hair: $55

86-105LBS: XXLarge Short Hair: $60

XXLarge Long Hair: $70

106-125LBS XXXLarge Short Hair: $80

XXXLarge Long Hair : $90

126LBS+ XXXXLarge Short Hair: $100

XXXXLarge Long Hair: $110


*does not include bath

Add-On Services

*ADDED to price of bath or groom

Small Nail Trim: $10

Large Nail Trim: $15

Small Nail File: $15

Large Nail File: $20

Small Teeth Brushing: $10

Large Teeth Brushing: $15

Small Brush Out: $10

Large Brush Out: $20

XL Brush Out : $30

XXL Brush Out :$40

XXXL+ Brush Out: $50

Small Face, Feet & Fanny: $25

Large Face, Feet & Fanny: $30

XL+ Face, Feet & Fanny: $40+

Small Lite Trim: $15

Large Lite Trim: $20

XLarge+ Lite Trim: $30

Small Nail File: $5

Large Nail File: $10

Small De-Matte: $10

Large De-Matte: $20

XLarge+ De-Matte: $30

Small Lite Trim: $10

Large Lite Trim: $15

XLarge+ Lite Trim: $20

Small Teeth Brushing: $10

Large Teeth Brushing: $15

Flea Treatment: $10

De-Shed Treatment: $10-$30 (based on size)

De-Skunk Treatment: $20-$40

Any Special Shampoo/Conditioner: $5

(Allergy, whitening, luxury conditioner, blueberry facewash, hot spot, paw balm, perfume, dirty dog wash)

Full Groom

Includes bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, anal glad expression, brush out, and any style haircut. Prices based on weight and may vary based on condition and state of pets coat, skin, and any add-on's chosen.

*​*Please note that all double coated breeds will pay double coated price which includes a de-shed.

0-10LBS Miniature Groom: $40                                  Double Coat: $50

11-25LBS Small Groom: $45                                         Double Coat: $55

26-45LBS Medium Groom: $55                                 Double Coat: $65

46-60LBS Large Groom: $65                                     Double Coat: $75

61-85LBS XLarge Groom: $75                                   Double Coat: $100

86-105LBS XXL Groom: $85                                      Double Coat: $110

106-125LBS XXXL Groom: $95                                  Double Coat: $120

126-145LBS XXXXL Groom: $105                              Double Coat: $130

146LBS+ XXXXXL Groom : $115+                               Double Coat: $140+

Golden Retriever



Shetland Sheepdog

Shiba Inu

Chow Chow

German Shepherd



Great Pyrenees

All prices are subject to additional fees: Matting, fleas, aggressive behavior, etc. Any additional add-on's are not included in the prices listed.

Popular Doubled Coated Breeds  

*any mix of these breeds may be subject to double coated charge   


Australian Cattle Dog


Alaskan Malamute

American Eskimo

              Australian Shepherd              

Border Collies

*Depending on the size of your pet and the state of their coat, their appointment may take longer than the estimated 2 hours.

Vaccination Requirements 

*we require proof of all vaccinations prior to grooming

Dogs: Rabies, Bordetella, and DHPP

Cats: Rabies and FVRCP