3 Simple Strategies for Balancing a New Pet and a New Business

Starting a new business is an enormous venture in and of itself. Factor a new pet into the mix, and you are looking at two very demanding undertakings. While both are exciting, each one requires a lot of your time and attention, making it difficult to find a balance between the two. If you find yourself being pulled between your professional goals and your personal pet, the following three strategies (presented to you today by Bed, Bath, and Biscuits) can help you navigate these two big changes and achieve stability with both.


The key to fully investing in your new business and your new pet is managing your time wisely. To make the most of your time, it is necessary that you delegate tasks. Doing so will give you more time to focus on the essential pieces of your business and the wellbeing of your pet.

While you undoubtedly want to have bonding time with Fido, there are certain chores that you can hire other people to handle. Instead of spending an hour clipping his nails, cleaning his ears, and trying to corral him into the bathtub, hire a groomer like Bed, Bath, and Biscuits to keep him clean and fresh. If he needs to go on a walk every day, pay a dog walker to take him a few times a week. Delegating some of these smaller tasks will free up more of your time for work.

On the flip side, determine what duties you can delegate for building your new company. For example, as a new business, it is recommended that you form an LLC, or limited liability company. There are numerous advantages to an LLC, a primary one being that you enjoy the liability of a large corporation without all the hassles.

Small business owners work with formation services all the time to streamline the LLC setup process, as it takes a multitude of tasks off your plate. For new pet owners, this means more time to connect with your pet. Just remember, LLC requirements vary by state, so make sure you are familiar with your state's guidelines.


The more time your pet spends with you, the more he trusts you and adjusts to his new surroundings. Therefore, it is important you and your pet have time together. As tricky as that might be when starting a new business, there is a very simple solution: Simply give your pet his own space in your office! Buy your pet his own comfy bed right next to your desk, and remember to include some toys for him to play with. Take special care to pet-proof the workspace as well; this means making sure no cords are lying around, small objects are not at mouth level, and furniture is either pet-friendly or covered with a sheet.


Do your best to stick to a regular schedule. This will help train and create a routine for your pet and ensure you have the time needed to tackle your work duties. A great way to do this is by downloading a scheduling app to your phone, such as Appointlet or Calendly. You can add your work and pet schedule, along with reminders, to ensure you stick to your planned activities.

Between starting a new company and owning a new pet, your calendar can become overrun with tasks to complete. You have to find the balance to give proper attention to both items. Apply these recommendations to bond with your pet and still continue to develop your new business.

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Article By: Cindy Aldridge